ImpacTrip is the best way to volunteer for the day while also learning about Portuguese culture. The organization enables you to participate in a track (nature, city, beach or dive) in order to make an impact in the community across a variety of locations (Peniche, Porto, Lisbon, etc). You can also choose where you would like to volunteer based on social causes you are interested in (environment, food waste, people with disabilities, education, etc).

ImpacTrip experiences enable you to meet other travelers and locals while volunteering. We have not seen another organization that makes it so easy to immerse yourself in one day and make an impact while also having a great impact made on you!

A Day with ImpacTrip

I chose the track to support people with disabilities. This cause is very close to my heart as I have a cousin with severe disabilities. The trip started with an eco-friendly TukTuk tour in Belem. It was great to be using transportation that does not harm the environment and the driver, Pedro, taught me so much about the culture and history of the country! The highlight for me was seeing the Discoveries Monument and learning about the explorers, writers and artists from so many years ago and the impact they have had on our world.

ImpacTrip in Lisbon, Portugal

After the TukTuk tour, I met the founder of ImpacTrip, Rita, for lunch and the day at the NGO for people with disabilities. The NGO empowers people with disabilities to develop professional and social skills in a variety of different ways. The community space is filled with such warmth, color and joy upon arrival! People at the NGO help cook and serve us lunch, showed me how they make their crafts and goods and let me practice on their radio show! Each of the separate activities gives people the opportunity to be creative and learn new skills.

ImpacTrip in Lisbon, Portugal

Each person I met immediately felt like a new friend! One room I entered had five people working on weaving. They taught me the Portuguese welcome of two kisses on each cheek – gave me them and taught me some important Portuguese words to know! At the end of the day, I visited the shop where the NGO goods are produced and sold. The talent, beauty and personalization in this art is unbelievable. I purchased a notebook and continued to fill it with my travel thoughts on my next journeys. I had a smile on my face the whole day! This has been my most impactful day in three months of backpacking so far – one that I will always remember.

ImpacTrip in Lisbon, Portugal

The Story of ImpacTrip

Throughout the day, Rita shared her story of starting ImpacTrip with me. I am so grateful to have learned about her experiences and journey so far. Similar to me, Rita has traveled and lived in many countries over the past few years. Through her travels, she thought of the opportunity to bring this type of volunteer tourism to Portugal! Her and her team have hosted many people from all over the world and have also customized events for groups in a unique and special way.

ImpacTrip’s vision says it all!

We truly want to help people

We help with a smile on our face

We believe people don’t know a place until they know the locals

We support local art

We want to change the way people travel –

This resonated so much with me and I hope it does with you too! My only wish would be that this could be in each country I visit as I backpack! So easy, so impactful, so inspiring.

For more information, check out their website.

Support Social Good Causes with ImpacTrip in Lisbon, Portugal
How to Support Good Causes with ImpacTrip in Portugal

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