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Our Social Impact City Guides show you what to do, where to eat and drink, where to sleep and where to shop so that not only are you provided with a unique experience, but you are also benefiting the community in some way by supporting a good cause.

We showcase organisations that give back to a social cause in some way. These can be in the form of social enterprises, charities, non-profit organisations, NGOs, co-operatives, B-corps, direct or fair trade vendors the list goes on, but they are all organisations that put people and the environment first, where a portion (or all) of their profits are put back into their program or given directly to the cause they support. By using these organisations over more well-known, international and for-profit companies, you know your money is going further.

We will keep our guides updated as much as we can, but if you know of any organisations that you think deserve a mention, or if you want to work with us for other city break guides in the future, contact us here.

Check out our Social Impact City Guides below:


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