Our Social Impact City Guides show you what to do, where to eat and drink, where to sleep and where to shop so that not only are you provided with a unique experience, but you are also giving back in some way by supporting a cause.

We were thrilled at the interest shown in our first ever Social Impact City Guide to Barcelona. To know there are so many people who want to make a difference in any way they can when they travel inspired us to continue our research in other cities we visit around the world. After spending some time in Prague a few months ago, our choice for our second city guide was easy.

Prague is a friendly city with plenty of green spaces and a fantastic public transport structure. There is an incredible range of places to eat and drink, and the Czech beer is some of the best in the world! Prague attracted almost 30 million tourists in 2015, and there are many opportunities for tourists to support good causes around the city.

We are excited to present to you our second Social Impact City Guide to Prague:

Social Good City Guide Prague - showing you where your money goes further



(Image courtesy of expats.cz)
(Image courtesy of expats.cz)


Go on a walking tour with homeless guides

Pragulic want to change the public perception of homeless people in Prague, as well as give the opportunity for those without a home to integrate into society. They provide unique walking tours with homeless guides, with each tour based around the life story of the guide. This provides a regular source of income for the guides and is a unique way to explore otherwise unvisited parts of the city. Tours cost 250 CZK for an adult (prices vary for concessions and groups of 10 or more). Check them out here.

Beneficial Brick

Paint a brick for mental health

This is something we’ve not seen before in any other city – an ever-changing art display created by Prague’s own residents and tourists. For a donation of 150CZK, you receive paints and a brick that you can paint in whichever style you want, and then add this to the stacks of already painted balanced bricks. Beneficial Brick has been running every year since 2000 and it shows no signs of letting up. All proceeds go to Portus Praha Association, allowing them to construct and manage a care-facility for those suffering with mental disabilities. It’s colourful, fun and gets everyone involved, and it’s all for a great cause. Click here for more details.

Rekola Bike Sharing

Go for pink

If you’ve been to Prague you may have already seen one of these bright pink bikes on the roads. Rekola are a community bike sharing program in Prague (and other cities in the Czech Republic). They take unwanted donated bikes, they are fixed up and then painted in bright pink. The bikes are “unlocked” by using an app that locates the nearest bike to you. You are then given a code to unlock the bike, enjoy your ride and then return anywhere that’s convenient for you. This makes it different to the bike sharing systems in other cities that have specific pick-up and drop-off locations. Locals learn how to repair bikes and paint them pink at community workshops, and Rekola are looking to scale their scheme up into a social enterprise. Check them out here.

USE-IT Prague

Use it or lose it

If you’re not young, keep scrolling…! USE-IT is an organisation found in various cities in the Czech Republic – it is tourist information specifically for young people travelling on a tight budget. Their website states that “Young travellers have different needs, so they need different tourist info” – info on concerts, clubs and sights to see in a short time, although we’re sure the young-at-heart will also be looked after here. Guides and maps are provided by locals – they are non-commercial, free and kept up to date on a regular basis. Are you a young traveller in Prague? Check out their website.

A Different City Experience
Image courtesy of Auto*mat


A celebration of going car-free

Auto*mat is a civic association, and their aim is to improve the quality of the environment for the residents of Prague and other cities around the Czech Republic. They encourage the use of bikes, public transport and walking where appropriate, and only the occasional use of cars when necessary. As a traveller to Prague, you can attend their one day Different City Experience, where you can experience parts of the city without cars in the form of street celebrations. Click for their website.

Toulcův dvůr

Farm life just outside the centre

Kubatova 32/1, Prague 10

A farm just outside the centre of Prague, Toulcův dvůr hold many activity days that can be attended by the public – such as art competitions and carving courses. There’s plenty of fun to be had here, especially if you are travelling with children. Check out their events page here for an up to date list.

Kokoza Prague
Image courtesy of Kokoza


Champions of Prague’s urban community gardens

Kokoza are a social enterprise that, among other things, help people and companies to compost and to grow their own produce in their own gardens. For travellers to Prague looking for a piece of green space in the city, it is great to know that they also help maintain urban community gardens, which you can find and visit thanks to this handy online map.


Eat and Drink

Therapy Restaurant Cafe and shop, part of the Social Good City Guide to PragueTherapy Restaurant, Café and Shop

Many ways to support art therapy

Školská 1267/30, 110 00 Praha 1 → 4 minute walk from Můstek A metro station

As described on their website, Therapy Restaurant is “an oasis of calm in downtown Prague“. They help current and recovering drug addicts through art therapy, with ceramics they make then sold in the shop. They also employ recovering addicts to help them as part of their rehabilitation. Therapy has a quirky interior, it’s centrally located and is easy to find, making it a great place to grab a drink after spending a day in the city. Facebook

Drinking for a Good Cause in Prague - Kafe Afrika

Kafe Afrika

Delicious African food for Humanitas Afrika

Vojtěšská 9, 110 00 Praha 1 → Public transport: 4 minute walk from Myslíkova (14) tram station

With a beautiful interior and unique menu, Kafé Afrika is something a little different in the heart of Prague. They employ immigrants and refugees from Africa who are living in the Czech Republic. These people have faced many problems when finding employment, including a lack of work experience, discrimination by employers and possessing an unrecognised education. This creates a vicious cycle where they can’t find work. Kafé Afrika is a training café, and its employees are participants of a project brought to life by the African-Czech organisation Humanitas Afrika. The aim of the project is to help integrate immigrants and refugees into the local job market. Facebook

Where to drink for a Good Cause in Prague - Garden Café Taussig
Image courtesy of Garden Café Taussig

Garden Café Taussig

Good cause with a good view

Vlašská 25, 118 00 Praha 1 → Public transport: 10 minute walk from Pohořelec (22, 57) tram station

For outdoor seating and a great view of Prague castle, make sure you check out Garden Café Taussig. They offer employment to those with mental illnesses so that they can develop their work and social skills in a professional setting. The café strongly believes the best way to help is to provide a supportive environment where they can work on their self-reliance, personal responsibility and self-confidence. Garden Café Taussig serves a wide range of coffees, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcohol, as well as a small selection of food and snacks. It is a seasonal café and is only open in the warmer months (generally April to October), so be sure to check out their website before visiting. Website

Where to drink for a Good Cause in Prague - Kavarna Potme
Image courtesy of Denik.cz

Kavárna POTMĚ

Pitch black dining

For something completely different, check out Kavárna POTMĚ – a “café in the dark” which tours the Czech Republic (no fixed address). This touring café has been going around the country for 11 years, and offers patrons a unique experience of being in complete darkness. The café employs blind staff, with all proceeds going to charity. Visiting this touring café is said to be a strange feeling, but ultimately it is meant to be a joyful and unique occasion to support a good cause. Facebook


U Černého Vola

Drink up for the local blind school

Loretanske namesti 1

This pub is the one to go to if you want to meet the locals. The beer is cheap, and all the profits from the pub go to the school for the blind next door, so this makes it a fantastic place to experience a proper Prague pub for a good cause. Limited seating, so prepare to get to know the people around you. Open daily until 10pm.

Mama Coffee Prague

Mama Coffee

Cool cafe for fair trade goodness

Mulitple locations (Vodičkova 6, Praha 1 most central)

We couldn’t get enough of this place when we visited Prague – the coffee is fair trade, the cakes and sandwiches are delicious, the staff are friendly, and the cafes themselves are equal parts trendy and cosy! You can drink coffees here safe in the knowledge that the coffee bean growers were paid a fair price. They have multiple locations in Prague – the one we frequented was the Vodičkova 6, Praha 1 cafe. Open daily. Website

Mlsna Kavka Social Good City Guide to Prague

Mlsná Kavka

Vegetarian food sanctuary to support mental illness

Sokolovská 327/29, 186 00 Praha 8 → Public transport: 2 minute walk from Florenc (8, 21) tram station

Mlsná Kavka is a training restaurant, founded as a joint project of Green Doors and Filip Kavka Smiggels. The restaurant supports and trains people with mental illness, helping them improve their social and vocational skills. By working here, they can regain self confidence so that they can one day return to the open labour market. Mlsná Kavka gives them the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis. It is a non-smoking vegetarian restaurant. They only use seasonal ingredients, and cook wonderful brunches on Sundays. Facebook


Mosaic House, a fantastic green hostel in Prague, part of the Social Good City Guide to Prague
Image courtesy of Mosaic House

Mosaic House

It’s easy to sleep green

Odborů 278/4, 120 00 Praha 2-Nové Město → Public transport: Národní třída metro, or Myslíkova tram stop

Mosaic House is a green hotel and hostel that features some pretty sophisticated green technology – grey water recycling unit with heat recuperation, 100% green electricity and biogas, in-room temperature control based on room-occupancy, electric shutters, low-flow toilets, rain-dance showers, solar warming of cold water… just to name a few! They also have female only dorms, and have a bike and Segway rental scheme. They are centrally located, and very highly rated. If you’re staying elsewhere, you can still pop in for a drink at the music bar and lounge. Website

Sir Toby’s Hostel

Budget-friendly eco option

Dělnická 1155/24, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice → Public transport: Dělnická tram stop

A great choice for the eco-conscious budget travellers, this hostel contains many “green features” – one of our favourites is that the heating only comes on when there are people in the room. They also have a bar in the cellar with live music which you can visit even if you are not staying in the hostel. Website


The Fair Trade and Bio interior.
Image courtesy of Fair Trade and Bio

Fair Trade and Bio

Spread the fair trade word

Sokolovská 29, Prague 8 → Nearest Metro: Florenc-B or Florenc-C 

This little shop exclusively sells fair trade products, and also actively try and spread the fair trade word among the Czech public. You can find many typical fair trade products here such as coffee, tea and chocolate, but also some great souvenir items like fair trade craftwork. Facebook


Prague Thrift Store

Stylish second hand

Šumavská 29, Praha 2 and Dukelských Hrdinů 21, Praha 7

Most of the second-hand stores around Prague (and there are many!) are run for-profit, however some of them give a portion of their profits to charitable social causes. One such place is the Prague Thrift Store. They have two locations, both selling high quality and affordable clothing: Vinohrady-Prague 2 and Holesovice-Prague 7 (closed on Sundays). They also accept donations, so make sure to consider giving any unwanted clothes away here. Website

Domov Sue Ryder Praha

Shop to care for the elderly

Various locations around Prague

These shops were set up to generate an additional source of income to support the Domov Sue Ryder charity, which exists to provide care to elderly frail people and support for their families. You can buy or donate many things here, as their product range is wide, selling things from clothing and books to furniture and craft. They have various shops around the city, so be sure to check out their locations here. They also have a wonderful restaurant located in the south (Michelská 1/7, 140 00 Praha) which overlooks a courtyard, with all profits again going to support the Domov Sue Ryder charity. Website

Cesta Domů

Improving the quality of care for the terminally ill

Bubenská 3, Prague 7

A non-profit organisation that was set up in 2001 which works to improve the quality of care for the dying and terminally ill, as well as their families, in the Czech Republic. To support their work you can visit one of their two shops in Prague, where they sell items such as clothing, stationary and second hand goods. You can also chat to the volunteers about the great work they charity do. Website

Let us know: Do you know of any other organisations that deserve a mention in this guide to Prague? Leave a comment below, contact us, tweet us or leave a message on our Facebook page and we will include them in our next update!

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  1. Mama Munchkin 19 November, 2016 Subscriber

    This is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been researching sustainable travel but funding organizations that also give back to the people is taking it a step further. I wish I would have seen this before my trip to Prague last spring. Guess I need to head back

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thank you, so glad you like the guide! Let us know if you ever do head back, we love Prague and will probably return one day too

  2. Heather 19 November, 2016 Subscriber

    Wow, there is a TON of great information here, I only wish I had this while in Prague a few years ago! I especially like the bike sharing program and employing the homeless to provide city tours.
    I’d love to see more major cities follow Prague’s example of doing good 🙂

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Hi Heather, if you ever make it back to Prague make sure to check out our guide again 🙂 There are lots of great opportunities to do good in Prague, and we’re always on the lookout for other cities that do the same. We’re working on New York City and Edinburgh guides at the moment too!

  3. Alana 19 November, 2016 Subscriber

    This is really awesome guide, well done! I have a feeling people will leave Prague with a much better sense of the city and community by following your tips here than they would by following what Lonely Planet has to say. I’ll be sharing and also checking out your Barcelona guide!

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thank you so much Alana, means a lot to hear comments like this – these organisations need lots of people to visit and share the word otherwise they will unfortunately have to close. Thank you for sharing and let us know what you think of our Barcelona guide too!

  4. Debra @ Traveling Well For Less 19 November, 2016 Subscriber

    What a wonderful guide. Love how everything is giving back to the community and not just taking. So totally cool. I’m inspired to visit Prague just to use your guide.

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thanks very much Debra! Let us know if you ever do make it over to Prague 🙂

  5. Brianna Simmons 20 November, 2016 Subscriber

    I absolutely love the idea behind this. thanks for showing us how to help while traveling in Prague!

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thanks Brianna – no worries at all, we love spreading the word of these great organisations!

  6. Becky Padmore 20 November, 2016 Subscriber

    Oh wow I love this alternative guide to Prague, next time I visit I’ll be visiting the Vegetarian food sanctuary for sure!

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thrilled to hear it Becky! Their food is absolutely delicious, we highly recommend the vegan burger and nasi goreng 🙂

  7. Kinga 20 November, 2016 Subscriber

    Awesome guide! I went to Prague a few years ago and saw only a tiny bit of this city becaue of lack of more time. There seem to be so many cool places, you would need a few days to properly experience this awesome city. 😀

    • Fabio 20 November, 2016 Administrator

      Thank you Kinga! I don’t think there will ever be enough time to fully experience Prague, it’s such a great city! We’ve been a couple of times now and would happily go back again 🙂

  8. Mansoureh 20 November, 2016 Subscriber

    Wow, What a great guide. I visited Prague last summer and I wish I had this guide with me there. I was struggling to find a good place to eat.

  9. Indrani 21 November, 2016 Subscriber

    Most points covered, this makes a good guide.
    I spent around three days there, relied mostly on maps and info from hotel.
    This would have been more useful then.

  10. Candace and Spencer 24 November, 2016 Subscriber

    What a fantastic, insightful and meaningful post, thank you. I have never really thought of looking into all the community help programmes out there before, but it’s an important thing to do. As a traveller/ tourist we have a responsibility to leave where ever we are in a positive state. Thank you for this eye opening post, we too will now start looking into these opportunities when abroad. Happy travels and look forward to your next post. Love the Austin’s

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