We are The Good Globe

Welcome to The Good Globe, an online celebration of the good work going on around the world.

We showcase the people and organisations that put social and environmental good ahead of their profits. They include those in Barcelona who train formerly homeless people to become tour guides, those in London who employ visually impaired waiters to serve people dining in the dark, those in Osu who recycle rubbish to make high quality handbags, those in New York City who open up a food truck to employ formerly incarcerated youths so that they can stay out of prison, those in Koh Lanta who open up shelters for dogs and cats in a city that no longer wants them…

But what does this mean for you?

When you travel, instead of giving your tourism money to for-profit companies, you can choose to help out the people and organisations striving for change by visiting their establishments, buying their products or volunteering your time.

The Good Globe is a showcase of how you can give to positive causes when you travel.

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